Do Music Exclusives Matter?

I had the pleasure of being a guest on Kyle Bylin's Music Business Podcast, and we discussed the current craving for "exclusive content" by streaming services like Apple (Beats Music), Tidal and Spotify in this segment "Do Music Exclusives Matter?" We get into why exclusives are so appealing to these services, and a bit of history about how they've worked in practice with the labels.

I personally do not believe that exclusive content really works on the internet, for a variety of reasons, most importantly because they internet itself doesn't want content to stay behind walled gardens. The internet wants content to propagate, to replicate itself, to morph and evolve. The pursuit of exclusive content by these services as a key differentiator is driven more by the need to appear glamorous to investors and the press than by consumer desire, because consumers know they'll be able to get the content no matter what walls are put around it. We get into all this in great detail in the podcast.

Thanks to Kyle, Hypebot and to anyone who listens. Please leave comments below if you want to discuss, and again, these are just my opinions.

Jim McDermott