Memory Motel Podcast: Glass Bottom Boat


This past February, I wrote a blog post about my first psychedelic experience, which took place in 1988. I had been telling friends the story, which remains very rich in my memory, for over two decades, and I got the itch to put in down in text and add it to my Medium page.

Shortly thereafter, I was contacted by the good folks at Memory Motel, a division of Narativ, which is a firm which specializes in listening and storytelling. They had read my piece and wanted to do a podcast around it. This was quite a surprise -  when writing something so personal, you wonder whether it will resonate with others. The last thing I expected was that anyone would want to turn my tale into audio entertainment!

I visited the Narativ/Memory Motel offices in Brooklyn in late February to record my interview, which was a great experience. They are wonderful people and the podcast series they're doing is really compelling. Created and hosted by Terence Mickey, it focuses on memory and how it shapes our lives. The way they weave the narrative and sound really draws you in, in a unique way.

The episode was released on April 26th, 2016 and can be heard below. You also can subscribe to Memory Motel (which I highly recommend!) in iTunes by clicking here.

Thanks to Terence Mickey, Kerrianne Thomas & Bart Warshaw at Memory Motel for turning my memory into a highly entertaining string of zeros and ones!