Content Marketing Services

Every artist has a story to tell. Perhaps it began when a beloved relative picked up a guitar and strummed a few chords. For some very rare artists, their story becomes a legacy, one that lasts a lifetime and beyond. New chapters are added with each song written, each album or film released, with each tour that brings light to stages around the country, around the globe.

Along with the art they produce, these stories are the things that connect fans to an artist. The smallest behind the scenes anecdote is an opportunity to reinforce that connection, and forge new ones. Social media has dramatically amplified this connection, providing the ability to reach a global audience at almost no cost. But you still need to get the story, craft it, and make it digestible for your audience, wherever they may be hearing it.

Content Marketing is essentially creating and sharing these stories in order grow your audience and keep them engaged. Content can be delivered in a variety of formats: news, articles, lists, tips, photographs, video, podcasts, tips, graphics, and most effectively as a combination of all these formats. The internet has impacted traditional advertising greatly, which has made Content Marketing quite popular. But stories have been used to engage customers for hundreds of years. And in a way, the art and the image each artist projects is content marketing - if it's compelling, people want to share it with others.

I help artists and brands tell their stories online, via social media. How? First, by hearing what the artist wants to talk about - a new record, a tour, the writing process, an influence, or a social concern, and then crafting this "content" for a given social medium. I've spent my life in the company of artists, and know how to spread this "content" while respecting the artistic integrity of the message. 

To do content marketing, you need to have a story someone wants to hear. But then you need to tell it well, and that means knowing how to write well, knowing what works on Twitter vs Facebook vs Tumblr (for instance). That also goes for images and video, which are an increasingly important and tremendously effective part of content marketing. My ability to create professional photographic images along with my written content can be a very powerful tool for my clients.

If you'd like my help telling your story, please contact me.