Episode 1: Thoughtful Affinity with Tim Bierman, GM of Pearl Jam's Ten Club

Tim Bierman has worked with Pearl Jam for nearly 20 years, managing their highly successful direct-to-fan platform Ten Club. Years before the music business realized how important direct-to-fan was, Pearl Jam & band manager Kelly Curtis were cultivating a unique relationship with their fans and with their label, Epic Records. Tim and I chat about the band's unique live gigs & the community and creativity that have made them a modern day Grateful Dead. We talk about the band first steps into the digital world around their 2000 album "Binaural", building an affinity team internally vs. outsourcing, Periscope and fans live streaming gigs. Tim also shares his advice to artists on what they should prioritize, and we geek out on Repo Man and World Party, Alabama Shakes and Blake Mills. 

Links to stuff we chat about: 


Repo Man

World Party

Gypsum "Follow Me"