Social Media Management

OK, so you've set up your Twitter, Facebook, or Instagram profile and made a few posts. What's next? How do you maintain it, grow it, how do you keep it interesting every day while dealing with all the various facets of your life as an artist?

Even the most fervent critic of social media would likely agree that an artist or brand would ignore it only at their peril. Social media enables you to build a huge audience and have a direct dialogue with them, without the cost implications and filters of traditional media. The challenges of course, are to:

1) understand what you want from that audience

2) know what the right social media platforms are and the correct methods to reach them

3) keep them engaged consistently, so there's potential for a real value exchange. 

Each social media platform, whether it be Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Ello, Pinterest, Snapchat, Soundcloud, etc. have their own social norms, their own language, their own feature set. How and what you communicate on each will have a large impact on how successful they are for you. Understanding the technologies and trends are important, and some artists are incredibly fluent in this regard. Many others have limited bandwidth and would rather focus their efforts on creating.

New social media platforms are introduced constantly, along with new tools to manage their use and analyze the data. But the actual "doing" of social media and content marketing is a creative process, not a technical one. Someone has to consistently write effective posts, craft compelling articles, and make decisions about which images to use, all in a voice that reflects the personality of the artist or brand. It's incredibly important for customer feedback to be managed. And this needs to be done at the speed of the internet, in a vernacular appropriate to each given social platform. I build a trusted relationship with my clients, instilling confidence that their online presences are managed at a very high level. I can do this on a retainer or project basis.

With over twenty years of artist development, new technology and social media marketing experience, I deeply understand how to help artists utilize these tools to best effect. I can provide strategic advice, directly manage social platforms or can teach artists how to effectively do it themselves. Anyone can create a social media profile and tweet or post, that's not difficult. The challenge comes in doing it with consistency, intent and impact. That's where I can help.

Being an artist often involves partnering with 3rd parties on sponsorships, event, appearances and cross promotions. Usually the artist is asked to promote these relationships to their audience, by tweeting or posting content the partner has provided, along with tags. Care must be taken to promote in a voice that resonates with your fans, or you'll lose your audience. I work with marketing partners to ensure any marketing messages are consistent with the artist or brand's image and audience.

Contact me if you'd like to discuss social media management further.